Team call: How to really build your business!

OH MY I AM SO CONVICTED by FSTS last weekend! Find out why and what I am doing about it on this very special TEAM CALL on FRIDAY, May 6th with Brian Niederhaus from Smarter Networker. I spent like 3 hours with him on the plane over to DC and you aren’t going to believe what we came up with! Could I even put into words what last weekend – 3 FULL days – was like? No way…but I will try to give you a flavor and Brian will for sure be talking about what IS important to be doing each and every day if you are still in this to WIN it. Um it was my 5th FSTS so how could I learn anything new? Isn’t it funny that we only remember and hear what we want to hear? This time I finally had an ear to really HEAR what I needed to and you guys are going to see some really cool changes from me!

Listen to this call here:

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