Be a Product of the Product

How do you get all those oily testimonies under your belt so you can share your oils with others? How do you gain a recipe box worth sharing? Carissa Bowser-Smith, a Young Living Silver Leader, shares her perspective on how to be a product of the product.


First and foremost – You USE your oils and make your OWN products!

When I first started using YLEO’s I was slightly overwhelmed. You have all the resources, books, knowledge, and upline support at your fingertips 24/7. What I didn’t figure out for a couple of months was how people were answering questions so confidently. How they were so matter of fact about what worked for them. Why they were so confident and passionate about what they were using. Then it hit me! They were all using their oils! They were all making their own household and beauty products. They were being a product of the product!

Where do YOU start?

  • Bring your oils everywhere and USE them.
  • Start a journal with your own testimonies, DIY recipes, or Links that catch your eye.
  • Make a recipe box and start a file on your computer to save tips and things you want to reference back to.
  • Make a goal chart for what you want to learn, make, and use each month.
  • Get on Essential Rewards.
  • Get a 2nd diffuser and/or one for travel.
  • Listen to care calls.
  • Do your own research and start living those whys out.

Watch this video where Carissa explains exactly how she does all of the above!

Bottom Line

Start USING your oils and make your OWN testimonies to share. You will be able to make believers out of YOURSELVES because you are able to use, see, feel, and learn from using the oils.

YOU make your WHY. Only YOU can listen to your body and know what your family needs and wants. You don’t have to have knowledge of everything to start seeing what works for YOU. You just need to start somewhere. Start using your oils and DIY products regularly. Use your resources like your pocket/desk reference, upline, Virtual Office, etc. to help point you in the right direction. BE THE CHANGE for yourself so you can share your testimonies and experiences with other people. YOUR experiences and testimonies will be your passion!

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