How to Earn a Check from Young Living


Young Living has a generous compensation plan that provides exciting bonuses and commissions for sharing your oils and enrolling new wholesale members. It is a WIN WIN to share your oils and help out some friends and get your oils paid for and then some!

Building a Foundation with Young Living

Super Simple Explanation of the YL Comp Plan

Kara Cozier, Young Living Gold Leader, explains the basics about the compensation plan for those of you just getting started in this video:

Lets start by learning a few basics definitions. Young Living has two types of members; Customers and Wholesale (aka Distributors).

  • Customer: A member who chooses to pay retail price for Young Living products. Customers cannot earn commissions or bonuses.
  • Wholesale: A member who chooses to enroll as a distributor, saves 24% off of retail pricing and has the opportunity to earn commissions and bonuses.

Fast Start Bonus from Young Living Comp Plan from Young Living

Members who are introduced to Young Living are enrolled and sponsored by an existing member. The Enroller and Sponsor may be the same person or could be two different people.

  • Sponsor: A Sponsor is a newly enrolled distributor’s direct upline and main support.
  • Enroller: An Enroller is the person responsible for personally introducing a new distributor to Young Living. Enrollers are eligible to qualify for financial bonuses, including the Fast Start and Start Living bonuses. Often, the sponsor and enroller are the same.

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