A Day in the Life Series: Senior Star and Exec

Wouldn’t you love to know what a typical day looks like for a Young Living leader? Well now you can peek into the lives of some of our Oily Angel leaders via this series: A Day in the Life.

We are doing a series of panel calls over the next couple of weeks and I will share each of the recordings here for you to be able to listen and share!

A Day in the Life of a Young Living Leader Series #1

Senior Star and Executive

Listen to A Day in the Life Series Senior Star and Exec and hear from these amazing Senior Star and Executive up and coming leaders:

  • Lindsay Carthel (reached Senior Star within the past week!)
  • Kirsten Zimmerman (Senior Star)
  • Mary Slight (reached Executive within the past week!)
  • Elizabeth Stanley (Executive)

On this call I asked them to answer and discuss the following questions:

  1. When did you enroll with YL and when did you hit your current rank?
  2. What is your why?
  3. What made you realize that biz building was better than you anticipated?
  4. How did you find your first few business builders? And how did you help/motivate them when you yourself were just starting out?
  5. What’s the best way so follow up with people who see how much I love oils, but seem to only want samples?
  6. Is your Spouse on board and supportive of this new venture for you?
  7. What does your typical day look like and how many hours a week do you spend on your YL business?

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